Big Bend National Park

Located on the Rio Grande River, the natural border of Mexico and Texas, Big Bend National Park is one of the most exquisite.

The mountains and hills alone are a reason to go out and gawk at the beauty. But the journey to the park as well as inside the park, make it all worth it.

The Roadtrip:

From Abilene to Alpine, TX was approximately a 5 hour drive. Along the way, my fiance and I talked about our future and enjoyed what we could of the U.S. highway system. This was a great opportunity to talk about whatever we wanted. We couldn’t escape going 75mph.

We stayed the night in a hotel in Alpine and rested for the next day’s adventures.


I didn’t buy a $300 camera for it to sit in a drawer. Pictures are great fun on road trips. Maybe you’ll look back at them, maybe you won’t. But at least they are there for the memories.

1st: a pile of rocks on the hiking trail

2nd: the Rio Grande River

The Animals:

While the park warns visitors of black bears and mountain lions, we did not see these creatures; most likely because our visit took place in the high noon and afternoon when it’s at it hottest. But we did get to see a handful of other small creatures, not as big or threatening.

Roadrunners are native to the park and we did get a glimpse of one running too quickly for a picture. The lizards were also speedy and easily spooked.


It’s ok, he was more scared of us.

If you look closely at this clan of catipillers, they have a sharp spike for protection and look an awfully alike to the native cacti.

All pictures were taken by Alyssa Soliz. Please use photo credit where needed.


4 comments on “Big Bend National Park”
  1. WILLIAM BARR says:

    It was a great trip! I’m glad we went! I love your new blog!


  2. Nathan S says:

    Super cool.


  3. Nathan S says:

    Are you all planning any more trips to any other parks in the future? Those are great pics. Did you show Nena the cactus?


    1. Alyssa Soliz says:

      Yes, our next trip is to Dinosaur Valley State Park.


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