Doctor Who Review

Doctor who? That’s what some people would ask as Jodie Whittaker took center stage as the over 2,000 year old Galifrayan.

But not once did I find myself asking that question. Her perky blonde hair and embodied feminism didn’t once take away the understanding that she was the Doctor.

Jodie nails the Doctor’s utter confusion that takes place after regenerating. And in the humor, she keeps the blunt facts that just sound outrageous. “Half an hour ago, I was a white-haired Scotsman.”

Her style was definitely not a disappointment. At the end of the episode, she ditches Capaldi’s tattered coat and finds herself in a rainbow sweater, suspended pants, and a cape like overcoat. Not all heroes wear capes, but this one sure does. She can also pull off the steam punk look.

It seems she will have three companions this time around and a wide variety at that: Ryan Sinclair, a young man with a coordination disorder, his step-grandfather who tries to look out for him, and also an old school mate of Ryan’s, now policewoman, Yasmin.

Just as I am, fans are ready to see what happens next. In the UK alone, 1.8 million televisions tuned in for the episode at its air time. This is not including online sites after the fact or other areas of the world.

I would highly recommend watching Jodie Whittaker keep the same charming alien we all know while taking the character to a whole new level.


2 comments on “Doctor Who Review”
  1. Nathan S says:

    I don’t watch the show as you know, but I can’t help but think that last guy didn’t last long. Do they always switch them out this soon?


    1. Alyssa Soliz says:

      They each last approximately 2 years. Some more or less than others.


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