The Meanings of My Tattoos

I have 3 tattoos. Each one was a decision I did not take lightly.

I had thought about what my first tattoo would be since around age 15 but didn’t know when I would get it. I turned 18, graduated high school, and still did not get the ink. I started college but still did not get one. My sophomore year of college, I was finally inspired, or pushed, to get my first tattoo.

There are two parts to the story of my first tattoo. Part One is as follows:

When I was 21, I went through a pretty bad depression period. I felt like I was not brave enough to do the simplest of things. I was a coward. I would be fine never graduating, never moving out of my parents’ house, never rising to anything in life. I kept my emotions a secret from just about everybody. Then, I heard about Project Semicolon. “Project Semicolon is an organization dedicated to the prevention of suicide” (Project Semicolon). This project was started my Amy Bleul, who passed away by suicide in 2017, to spread awareness of depression, mental illness, suicide, and the cause and effects of these. The semicolon is meant to represent how a sentence continues, not ends. The sentence is our life and we continue on.

Part two of the story:


a child, I loved The Wizard of Oz. I read the book until it fell apart. I watched the movie until I could recite it. I lived my life by its morals. I understood each journey in the way of finding knowledge, love, courage, and home. I was in college and so the knowledge part seemed to be in process and may never be complete. The love part was in the process as well. Home hasn’t seemed to happen quite yet. But courage was the one thing I knew I needed at that very moment. I put these two pieces of myself together and decided on my very first tattoo in 2015.

My second tattoo I got a year later. I was living with a best friend of mine. We are extreme opposites. She’s outgoing and loud, I’m an introvert and quiet as a mouse. But we are still very connected and understand one another. One of the biggest things we have in common is our love for animals. But I have always been more of cat person, while she has a deep love for dogs. This tattoo does not have a long explanation but still has a deep meaning to her and me.



My last tattoo is only a few weeks old. The awareness ribbon for PCOS (explained in a previous post) and the word patience inside. This one is significant to me in being patient with myself in my health and allowing life to move at its own pace.

I often wonder what my next one will be, or if there will even be a next one. I will wait to see what life brings my way.

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