5 Apps I Use Every Day

In this fast paced world of hand-held computers, it can be hard to know what applications (or apps) come first in your book. I’ve narrowed down the top 5 apps I use every day. Note: I am an Android user and can only give you information based on the Google Play Store; check the Apple store for app availability.

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Photo by Tracy Le Blanc on Pexels.com

#1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a free app on the Google Play Store. It includes helpful video tutorials and quizzes in the subjects of Mathematics, Science, History, English, and more. It also includes a wide variety of standardized test prep.

This app has subject material good for any age. I am currently using Khan Academy for GRE (General Record Exam) prep. My weakest subject is mathematics and I have reviewed simple math all the way to differential equations.

I highly recommend this app for any grade level, especially if there is improvement needed in a specific area.

Click here to find it on your Android device.

#2. Pinterest

Pinterest is life. At least it is for me. This is a free app that allows you to pin ideas from all over the internet to organized boards.

I have a board for just about everything. I have one for my pets, my wedding, my workout plan, food, funny memes, and other interests of mine.

Want to follow me on Pinterest?

Username: alyssa1994soliz

#3. Fitbit

I got my first Fitbit watch in January 2016. The Charge 2 was the best watch I ever had. I was able to track my heart rate and step count. But the app is what I’m here to praise.

I used the Fitbit app to track my sleep. I could see where my sleep needed improvement. Recently, the app updated and added a menstrual cycle tracker for women. This is extremely helpful. It saves time in not having to find a separate app for this.

August 2018 I upgraded to the Fitbit Versa. I have been nothing but pleased with the smart fitness watch. It does the same and more as my Charge 2 did. Fitbit will send you an email with a weekly report that looks like this:

Want to be friend on Fitbit? Contact me.

#4. Spotify

What is working out without music?

Spotify is a music streaming service. There is a free and paid version. I started out with free version before being added to a family plan that my parents graciously pay for. The free app allows you to stream music albums and your playlists on shuffle with brief commercials. The Premium allows you to make playlists and listen to an assortment of music at any time. And, no commercials.


I rely heavily on my music. I have a playlist for everything. If you use Spotify and want to follow my playlist, contact me.

#5. Pokémon GO

Send friend requests!

I am a regular Pokémon Go player at level 31. I find this game entertaining, fun, nostalgic, and there is always an event to meet people and earn rewards.

What are some of your favorite apps?

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