How to Ease Baby Fever (when you aren’t quite ready)

Search “how to get rid of baby fever” and you’ll probably get a thermometer ad and some articles on infant illness. That’s probably not what you meant. Baby fever is common in both men and women, but mostly woman starting in their early 20s. And who can blame them? Just look at how cute!

I can tell you from personal experience, having untreated baby fever can cause a spiral of emotions. Here is how I have been able to ease these problematic hormones.

Create a plan

Do you want to be in a serious relationship? Do you want to be married? Want to adopt? Or insemination? Or have a surrogate? Want to be a single parent? There are so many options. Do your research and make a plan.

Think of yourself

Are you ready to have kids? Have you finished your education? Are you at omptimum health? Do you have the finances? Make sure you are ready before getting started.

Find inner peace

Stop stressing. You have time. Find peace in waiting for the perfect time. Use your plan and work on yourself.

Get a pet

Sometimes getting a pet to take care of can ease the need for a baby. Sometimes….

Do your research

How much is child care? Are you going to breastfeed or do formula? Buy or make baby food? What kind of diapers? When do they begin to crawl? Ask tbe questions now before it’s too late and harder to figure out.

Remember it will happen

Dont worry, you’ll find a way and will have that baby you want so badly.

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