My Cell Phone Screen Cracked

I won’t lie: I have dropped my phone more times than I can count. It has even been run over (by an automobile) and only came out with a scratch. But today it finally happened. I was late back to work from lunch; I had to grab my bag, Sonic drink, and my jacket; then my phone fell from my jacket pocket, landing face first on the parking lot. The screen on my Samsung Galaxy S8+….cracked.

So what else do I do but go out and buy another. I’m not made of money, so I decided on something a little different. The LG Stylo 4. This phone is half the price of my last one. And! It comes with a stylus. As a writer, this as an extremely attractive feature.

I use my phone for everything so it seemed like a pretty good investment. I use my phone for blogging, gaming, chatting, sharing, photos, and so much more. This new phone will have a very sturdy case and screen protector.

What are some of your cell phone horror stories?

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