Writing a Children’s Book

I’ve been a writer for 20 years now. To put that perspective, I’m 24. I consider my first story at 4 years old, full of mistakes but also an evident passion, to be the beginning of a career I still hope to have. At 15, I had wonderful ideas for a book. But it was so much to put into words. So, I have decided to start smaller and write a children’s book.

I am inspired by a great deal. The Amelia Bedelia books by Peggy Parish and Fritz Siebel are defiantly what comes to mind when I think of the style of book I want to write and the humor that I naturally convey.

I worked in child care for 5 years; during college and the year after graduation. I started out with older elementary and then transitioned into the preschool age. One thing preschoolers love is books. We would read book after book, even if it was the same stories each day. I can remember vividly their love for There Was an Old Mummy who Swallowed a Spider by Jennifer Ward. I was able to recite it by the 100th read.

I saw how much these kids loved the words and pictures and realized I too could create something similar. My goal is to write a children’s book and have some young person read it to preschooler over and over and over again. That is a good goal I think.

Of course, it won’t be that easy. I have to come up with characters, and a title, a story that teaches children to count or share or be kind. Hopefully one day soon, you will see my book on the shelves, and be inspired to write one too.

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