3 Reasons You Should Consider McMurry University

Originally the Indians, now the soaring War Hawks, the previous and current McMurry students, staff, and faculty, came together this past weekend to celebrate the great American pastime of Homecoming. I graduated from McMurry University in spring of 2017 with my Bachelor’s of Arts in English and Writing. My fiancé graduated with his Bachelor’s of Science in Life Sciences. Located in Abilene, Texas, McMurry is one of 4 year universities in town and was founded and affiliated as a Methodist University. Since then, they have broadened and opened their doors to so many.


1. Family

During my time at the University, I found a second family both in my studies and social clubs. With an average class size of 15, I was able to create a one on one relationship with my professors and the students. The faculty was there to help you and always showed it.

Greek life is another part of the family McMurry creates. My particular club joined together over Homecoming weekend to meet, greet, and reminisce. As a McMurry Alumni, you are never forgotten.

Left to right: Alyssa Soliz, Sara Talkington, Yuwei Bao (in back), Rebecca Williams, Adelina Garfield, Suzannah Scofield, Kira Holland (previous and current members of Theta Chi Lambda)

2. Tradition

Tradition at McMurry is very important. I believe Homecoming shows this best. The raising of the Tipis and Tipi Tours continue the tradition based on Native Amercan practices with the utmost respect and integrity.

If you want a college experience that emerces you into a blend of cultures, then McMurry may be the place for you. According to CollegeFactual.com, McMurry is above average in ethnic diversity.

Graph from CollegeFactual.com

3. Opportunities

Opportunities while attending McMurry are abundant. My personal experience included a week long trip to London, England as a part of the marching band. We were invited to perform in the annual London’s New Years Day Parade.

As for beyond the University campus, McMurry was named number one in the state of Texas for highest percent of graduates with jobs 10 years after graduation (92.91%).

In closing, having attended this university, I am fully biased. But that doesn’t make any of the facts less true or how I feel for my school any less fulfilling.

Visiting McMurry University today!

Ala Cumba

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