Oh Rats! Part 3: Romeo.the.rat

This is a very special introduction. Romeo the rat. He has his own instgram if you want to follow. And you should. Use the Instagram app to scan the nametag below.

Romeo gets his name from the legendary lover boy given to us by Shakespeare. He is now one year old but it feels like I’ve had him my whole life. His story is a little different then my other’s. He was bought from a feeder bin. This is a collection of rodents normally sold as live food to snakes and other pets. But instead, he lives with me!

He is an albino, meaning he is completely white with red eyes and pink features. This makes his skin and eyes extremely vunerable to sunlight.

He deserves his name. He loves to be hugged and kissed. He also enjoys playing outside (for short periods of time). He does great with his harness! He is basically a little dog.

In March of 2018, he developed a tumor. Thankfully the vet found that it was benign and completely detached from his body. It was an easy surgery and recovery.


Romeo is what I consider my heart rat: the rat that you have connected to the most. He has brought me back from some low moments in life. I’ll always love him for it.

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