The Death of Christina Grimmie and How it Effected Me



Sometime in 2009, my little sister and I stumbled upon a video on YouTube by zeldaxlove64, aka Christina Grimmie. She was singing and she just made us feel good. Her voice was like nothing I had ever heard before. And she too was beautiful. We took to watching the videos she put out.

Our favorites were the All that is Random series that she did with her best friend, Sarah. These videos included a song like conversation made up of random phrases.

I looked up to her. We were almost the same age. She was born March 12, 1994; and I was born August 3, 1994. I was never one to follow a celebrity. But Christina was different. She was a YouTube star, an amazing singer and person, and I enjoyed everything she stood for. She was the complete package of gracious femininity with tomboy traits on top and a whopping load of talent.

In 2014, Christina joined the singing competition known as the Voice. I didn’t really watch it. I was busy in school and I already knew she had talent.

I knew that one day I was going to go see her live. It was a dream of mine. And then June 2016 happened.

I was not believing it. 2 years later and I still remember she’s gone at random times. It doesn’t feel real and I’m not sure it ever will. I decided that she is not dead, not to me. Her soul and passion for music will always live on. I think it hit me hardest when my birthday came around and I wad suddenly older than she would ever be.

Her mom, Tina, who her fans knew as Mama Grimmie, passed away from breast cancer in September 2018.

They are both missed deeply by their family, friends, and fans.

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