Saturday Morning Routine

I wake up at 8. It just happens and I can’t sleep anymore. William (fiancé) could sleep through the end of the world. I use the time for myself.
I make myself a cup of chocolate milk. It takes me back to the times my cousin stayed the night, and when we woke up before anyone else, it was time for chocolate milk and Mario Kart on the GameCube.

But today, my Saturdays are different. They are set aside for grocery shopping and laundry. It’s supposedly a break from your full time job, but the work never really stops.

I try and get a lot of my writing done in these morning hours. Or I will take the opportunity to take a really long bubble bath. When he finally wakes up, we start our day. It usually goes something like this…

He asks if I am hungry. We sometimes choose to go out and eat lunch on Saturdays. It takes us at least 2 hours to decide on where to go. If he reads this, he will blame that on me. We go eat, and then often go window shopping. This is a term used to describe looking but not buying; and we don’t actually have a whole lot of the typical shop windows. We like to look at the beautiful things and think of how we can use them in our future home.

We plan on buying a house in the next year, so that will be something I write about for sure. We are both big dreamers. We are always working towards our next goal.

white yarn
Photo by Jess Watters on

Today, I want to go get some yarn and begin making an afghan. My coworker’s mom made some beautiful blankets for our other coworker’s baby boy. I thought they were amazing and asked the details of the pattern. Now that I have them, I will be picking up some yarn and learning how to crochet a granny square. I will post pictures, but don’t expect excellency.



Have a great Saturday, everyone!

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