Oh Rats! Part 4

Meet Perry, Perry the Ratypus. He is named after the sneaky platypus from Disney’s Phineas and Ferb. He was named this because he is also sneaky and often cannot be found.


Hey, where’s Perry? He was such a fast little booger, I almost named him Barry, after the fastest man alive. I decided on Perry Barry. Too cute! A nickname he has is Monkey. This is due to him casually hanging on the cage bars.

I got him at the same pet store I found Romeo, but he was being sold as a pet only. He was all alone in the tank, scared. I couldn’t leave him there.

My rats have been the best pets I have ever had. Perry was $5. And he has given me 6 months of joy. I would say he was definitely worth it.

He is the smallest of my mischief (a group of rats). I believe because of the slow rate of his growth, he may have been a runt of his litter. But he is still a healthy boy.

Most of his traits are lovable. But there is one that I absolutely cannot stand.


At dinner time, he digs in his bowl like an archeologist searching for fossils. He is a little animal who enjoys his food. The picture shows him eating a corn cob for the first time.

When he first arrived home, he quickly bonded to Templeton. Unfortunately, Tempy hardly noticed he was there, and sat on him by accident. This little boy has definitely made life more interesting. I love my Monkey.


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