Theme Week

Next week, I will be introducing a new concept. Each day will have a theme for one of my posts.


I will cover a more serious topic. This can range from health to politics. It will be a chance to raise awareness for a variery of different worthwhile causes.


Memes are life.


I plan on posting about what I’m doing in life. Sometimes it may be interesting. Sometimes I may be a very boring person. Sorry.


Because everyone should be happy that we made it halfway through our week, we will celebrate with a post about warriors. You know what they say: not all heros where capes. I’d like to showcase that here.

Continue to be a #WednesdayWarrior


Send me pictures of your pets. They don’t necessarily have to have tails. Share their story and what they mean to you. I will post it to the blog.

Here is where you can send these:


Exactly what Friday should be. I’ll go over a movie, tv show, or song I enjoy. Maybe you’ll like it to.


My off day. When I sit on the couch, crochet, and watch Netflix. It’ll be a slow day.

If this concept works, then I’ll consider doing this every week.

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