Why my mental health is getting in the way of losing weight

Hey there, Wednesday Warrior! You made it. Halfway through! Hump day! Hopefully by now you are at the downfall of your day and it’s almost time to go home and see your spouse or kids. Maybe it’s time to congratulate yourself on making it through, while I will be spending my evening at the gym.

I was doing so good! I was going to the gym twice a week and to the park track three times a week. I felt good. Then, college homecoming came. I had my best friend staying with me and it was just easier to go and out. But it was stopping the eating out that was hard. “I’ll just grab something” only works 2 or 3 times before the sound of the thought in your head makes you feel sick. Fast food makes me feel gross. I just want to lie down and do nothing, which I can’t do when returning to work from my lunch break. But each day passed, and I just couldn’t get out of my funk. A week goes by, and I feel even worse. I haven’t worked out and I’m eating terrible.

This isn’t the first the time this has happened to me. And I know it isn’t the first time it has happened to mentally ill people. Why do you think people who suffer from depression are obese? And vise versa. We eat our feelings. In my case, my feelings eat me. They eat and eat until I can’t take it anymore. I tend to get anxiety in the mornings and around lunch time. I get sad that I’m eating terrible food and not working out. And what do I do when I’m sad? EAT TERRIBLE FOOD AND NOT WORK OUT!!! Vicious, vicious, cycle.

I lost 4 pounds last month in my endeavors. Then, I step on that scale this week and I’m plus 6 from where I was. I have to start over and more. It’s not the most motivating. But, I will continue. I have to. If I don’t, I will eat and hate myself into oblivion. I wish I could say the fitness journey was going great, but I have hit a speed bump and pot hole all at once (which in my town, is totally possible). To keep myself moving and working, I will start sharing how I do throughout the day, pushing myself to do more steps and exercises (mental and physical). I would like to share those with you in hopes they could help your daily struggles.

Keep those heads up, Wednesday Warriors!

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