Moving Furnature Disorder

I don’t like change. A new school, a new friend, a new job. These are things that tend to work out in the long run. But I still hate it. Small change: change of plans, change of clothes, change of furnature. Those are things I can handle. But when things get hard, or I’m just plain bored, I have a near unconrollable urge to just…move everything I own.

I’m not one to follow any rules of feng shui. But I can feel it. When something is just off. And this tends to happen every two to three months. It’s nearly 1am at the time of writing this and I just completely reorganized the book shelf.

Tomorrow it’ll be the couch. At least it’s the weekend and I’ll have time to get this out of my system. Is there a such thing as a moving furnature disorder?

If there is, I have it.


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