My extensive to-do list

This weekend is going to give me a chance to relax from work. But there are still many things to be done. I make to-do lists just about every day. It’s the only way for my brain to understand what I have accomplished and what I still need to get done. Without my list, I’m a sitting duck. I literally write down things so simple, you’d be amazed. But sometimes, I need breathe on my to-do list.

This Weekend’s To-Do List

  • Wake up: This one is a given; without this one, the rest would be irrelevant.
  • Make a to-do list:
  • Write this post:
  • Publish this post:
  • take shower
  • get dressed
  • fix hair
  • take medicine: I take my anti-depressant, blood pressure regulator, and insulin regulator (this is not for diabetes, but for PCOS, as it causes insulin resistance)
  • @some point today, give labels to cousin: So there is a story to this one. My cousin is graduating college in December (whoohoo) and after getting all of her invitations printed out, the school changed the location of the ceremony. So, I wrote a bunch of labels with the new address so she can cover the old address on the invitations and would not have to print all new ones.
  • move the house around: because I have moving furniture disorder.
  • pay bills: because I’m an adult. Yuck.
  • laundry: William tends to do the laundry. If it was left up to me, I would have been out of clothes months ago.
  • pot plants: William wants to pot some plants. It really doesn’t need to be on my to-do list. But he’ll forget, so here it is.
  • check if I have orange paint: for painting pumpkins later.
  • pick up medicine: I’ve got some waiting at the pharmacy.
  • pick up Mike: brother time!
  • buy pumpkins and blue paint (and orange if needed)
  • painting time
  • go to dollar tree: we want to pick up some Halloween decorations
  • play Pok√©mon Go
  • maybe go to lunch: we’ll have to eat at some point
  • play switch: We bought the new Mario Party for switch and it’s awesome!
    • bathroom
    • rat cage
    • bedroom
    • closet
    • kitchen
    • living room
    • patio
  • vacuum
  • take out trash
  • relax
  • eat dinner
  • take medicine
  • go to sleep

Last night I went to sleep at 3am. I hope tonight will be different. I’ll be tired after this extensive list. Anyway, everyone have a wonderful Saturday! TTYL

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