Life, you confuse me.

Sometimes, life is easy. I can wake up and go to work, no problem. But there are some days that I can’t figure out what Life wants from me. This last week has been a testament to that.

I lost my great-grandmother. She was my dad’s grandma. My grandma’s mom. I never knew her all that well. But I still accompanied the family to her funeral and met a great deal of family that I had never met before. Aunts and cousins galore.

Last Friday, I lost my Templeton. I was so emotional that I couldn’t even cry. I felt broken. I couldn’t speak, only live inside my head.

img_20181207_210311_993In the end, I’m glad he’s gone. I know that sounds terrible. He was in so much pain in his old age. Now, he can be at peace with his little brother, Jerry, who we lost January of this year. I love my boys. And even though it is sad and hard to say goodbye, I feel like it made everything worth it. Every day taking care of them, they were my family.

So, what do I do?

I get another one!

20181210_172324Meet Geordi. He is named after the infamous Lt. Cmd. Geordi La Forge of the Star Trek Saga. He is a sandy colored Dumbo. He is my first Dumbo rat. He is so comfortable in his new home already. Love the little fellow.


I hope Life will ease up on me some with the addition of this new family member. He is so precious and innocent. He can in no way replace the Jerry or Tempy I once had. But he can live in memory of them, by joining our little rat family.


On a side note, it snowed! It snowed for one day here in the south Texas, just long enough for snowmen to pop up all over town. Here is my brother posing with his snowman.


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