My thoughts on “Joker”

I am an avid superhero movie watcher. Person has hard life, person overcomes and becomes a hero, hero gets put down, hero overcomes again and beats the bad guy….


But this time – we see it from the other side – and it isn’t all that different.

Todd Phillips’ “Joker” has been a part of a huge controversy these days. Is it glorifying killing? In my personal opinion, it doesn’t glorify anything. The entire film is one big trigger warning; gun violence, mental health, death, blood, eating disorders, poverty, and so on. But with that being said, it is one of the most honest pieces of art I have ever witnessed.

Yes, honest. It doesn’t lie to you.

Mental illness is disturbing, not just to people on the outside, but to the one suffering. And without help, it can push you over the edge. After watching, I could feel all of my balled up feelings coming to the surface, because I understood the Joker’s difficulty understanding people and getting people to understand him.

Of course I don’t condone his behavior. No one does. But that doesn’t change the fact that this is not just a story. This is a retelling of how people are left behind. We are all responsible.

The entire production did a fabulous job putting Joaquin Pheonix into the hero’s shoes. And differing from like films, the villain, is not just one individual, but instead society, government, economy…which can be more difficult to defeat.

We usually go to the theater to see a story about the man that prevails. Maybe this is no different.

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